Front Line Skills


The demands placed upon first-level managers in today’s leisure and fitness industry is extreme and increasing; it is not only right, but it is beneficial to the organisation as a whole, if these aspiring facility managers can gain the knowledge, and put this knowledge into practice in their own workplace.

Employers are concerned that there is a lack of training opportunities after people progress from the first phase of their employment. Examples include a lack of understanding of their legal obligations; the inability to ‘sell’ to customers; poor communication skills leading to poor communication within the facility.

The  DUTY MANAGER CERTIFICATE is a very WORK-BASED course and qualification, designed to meet the needs of the industry, and the very specific concerns of employers!

It is a three-module qualification comprising of:-    
PEOPLE MANAGEMENT SKILLS covering Recruitment and Selection; Interviewing Skills; Communication Skills and the Principles of Leadership and Team Working

COMPLYING WITH LEGISLATION covering Managing Legislation; Disability Awareness; Assessing and Managing Risks; Child Protection; Quality Management Systems.

MARKETING AND SALES covering Customer Service; Budgeting and Financial Management; Marketing and Promotions; Sales Techniques.  

Each Unit is delivered over three consecutive days, and in such a way that includes the background to each topic, but also how that topic is introduced into the leisure workplace.

Assessment is made through the production of a satisfactory work-based project, which will include input from the line manager.

Course duration:  9 days,  (in three modules each of three days)