Carlton Associates is one of the UK's leading providers of educational, training and consultancy support to the leisure, catering and hospitality industries.

Action Line


  • Training

    Carlton Associates delivers training courses for many bodies. The principal brand of qualifications that we offer, is the PHYSICAL ACTIVITY & LEISURE MANAGEMENT ACADEMY suite of qualifications, as they represent the most up to date and applicable to the industry.

  • Best Practice Advice

    There are many laws that control how facilities operate, but there are also very specific best practice recommendations offered to the operators within the industry. Carlton Associates can provide the application of that advice.

  • Project Management

    Carlton Associates acts as an independent, industry-experienced advisor to architects, contractors, builders, etc., when new or refurbishment projects are being considered.

  • Document Compilation

    The tendency of organisations to out-source some activities, means the Carlton Associates can produce the documentation needed to meet legislative and best practice requirements.

  • Compliance Audits

    The industry’s lead bodies have worked hard over many years to produce standards, and also incorporate new legislation. Carlton Associates can audit an operator’s compliance with those standards, including advice on how best to apply legislative requirements.

  • Risk Assessment

    A full risk assessment is a legal requirement, and whereas many operators have undertaken this, there is a significant number that are looking for help to ensure that their assessments are complete, and cover the complete operation.